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John Scates

John Scates

Milford, CT


Hello out there......I started photography a few shorts years ago; I only wish I had done so much sooner because I have traveled the world. Right off the bat I was lucky enough to receive many awards for my work. I am traveling much less now, and with much more time on my hands, I started to paint. My first painting was a flower scene. I carried it over to a local restaurant and was lucky enough to sell it straight away. Now I do many shows through-out New England and enjoy all the beautiful towns and cities very much. This has all happened in the last four years. I live in the small coastal town of Milford, Connecticut on the shores of Long Island Sound. Please look and see my photography and paintings of the great New England.........thank you very much for looking and please enjoy..........."Have camera will travel."


Snow Snow Snow by John Scates


Beach time by John Scates


rough storm by John Scates


Block Island Light-house by John Scates


Two friends by John Scates


Horse farm by John Scates


Nubble Lighthouse by John Scates


Saint Patrick's Day by John Scates


Yellow Treat by John Scates


March 1st by John Scates


Art Festival by John Scates


I'm still here by John Scates


Above the clouds by John Scates


Tulip Time by John Scates


After the Storm by John Scates


Spring Day by John Scates


Sunflower Farm by John Scates


Morning light by John Scates